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Tech Support for Lenovo

Support offered by our expert technicians

A Pro PC Care, we deliver instant, affordable and effective technical support for every version of a Lenovo laptop/desktop/device.

  • Our tech support executives offer on-demand services
  • We assist you at any time of the day/night
  • Users fromany part of the globe can avail our service
  • We resolve your system issues via secured routes through remote assistance

Our specialization includes the following services for your Lenovo device:

  • We install Windows OS or repair the existing suite
  • We provide software installation/upgrade support for Lenovo device
  • We deliver Lenovo driver assistance
  • We support your Lenovo Printer Drivers to update
  • We render general troubleshooting aid


Pro Pc Care may require remote access to your computer or network to perform some of its IT services. Pro Pc Care will not access any personal data or information except in the rare case where such information or data is absolutely necessary for Pro Pc Care to perform its remote IT services. Any and all information accessed by Pro Pc Care will be used solely for its intended purpose. Any and all data and information accessed by Pro Pc Care will be held strictly confidential. Pro Pc Care will not, under any circumstance, share or disseminate any customer data or information or use any data or information in any way other than for its intended purpose.


Salient Features of our Acer Support ServicesOur tech support associates look into your Lenovo device and assist you to resolve all technical snags in very little time.

  • Provision of Operating System Support. We assist you to resolve issues in the following OS suites: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Ultimate
  • Regular servicing of your computer/ hardware/ peripherals
  • Restoration of your critical data
  • Resolution of Lenovo driver issues
  • Correction of blue screen errors
  • Instant Data Backup and Data Recovery service
  • Resolution of Lenovo computer startĀ­up issues
  • Hard disk drive de-fragmentation
  • Correction of system memory issues
  • Provision of antivirus software updates
  • Scanning and removal of Trojans/viruses
  • Optimization of a Lenovo PC and tune up
  • Immediate internet set-up, restoration of wireless connectivity and outlook on Lenovo
  • Installation and upgrade of all Lenovo printer/scanner/peripheral with the machine
  • Installation, reinstallation or uninstallation of software/application
  • Lenovo Products that we support
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