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Windows operating system is often susceptible to hardware or software glitches which may sometime hold responsible for data loss or corruption. Whether you are working on Windows XP, Vista or 7 OS, there is a likelihood of getting it affected from virus intrusion or hardware anomaly at times. If your system's OS doesn't perform appropriately, then the time has come to approach Pro PC Care.

Why Pro PC Care

As a leading tech support provider, we are armed with erudite and experienced technicians who can deliver on time Windows troubleshooting support for PC optimization. Our certified technicians indeed analyze the underlying causes of Windows errors and repair them at the shortest time possible. With us, Windows troubleshooting is no more a topic of concern.

Common Symptoms of Windows Errors

  • The PC fails to detect the specified file
  • The System is unable to trace the specified path
  • The computer becomes unresponsive when it is commanded to open the file
  • The system isn't accessible to files and folders
  • The PC fails to identify the drive specified


Pro Pc Care may require remote access to your computer or network to perform some of its IT services. Pro Pc Care will not access any personal data or information except in the rare case where such information or data is absolutely necessary for Pro Pc Care to perform its remote IT services. Any and all information accessed by Pro Pc Care will be used solely for its intended purpose. Any and all data and information accessed by Pro Pc Care will be held strictly confidential. Pro Pc Care will not, under any circumstance, share or disseminate any customer data or information or use any data or information in any way other than for its intended purpose.

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